Now based in Vancouver, Chris and Nicole met in Montreal, at a merch table while both fronting their own bands. They began collaborating by making duo versions of popular songs on YouTube.      

After acquiring over a million plays on their SoundCloud and YouTube videos, which landed them a spot on MTV, they realized the potential in writing their own original music.      

Their songs have gone on to be finalists in multiple international songwriting competitions. Most notably coming 4th in Linkin Parks Open Labs Stagelight Competition, the duo also won do250 Cumberland Wild festival competition, scoring them a spot at the festival.   

The duo was lucky enough to received funding from Creative BC's Amplify program in 2019 to record an EP, live video and  music video which they have been working on releasing material from, starting with the release of their tune 'Why Do We Love Like This' September 2019. 

Described as 'Gemini pop’ their ‘two voices work as fraternal twins that mirror, support and split from each other’.


Semi - Finalist 2019 - International Songwriting Competition - Chasing Feelings

Semi-Finalist 2018 - Unsigned only - Swim to You 

Winner - Cumberland Wild Festival 2018

Finalist - Global Peace Song Award - 2017 - Battleborn

Nominee - Hollywood Songwriting Competition - 2017 - Swim to You

Semi-Finalist- Unsigned only - 2017 - Out Of The Dark

4th place - International Open Labs Stagelight Competition - 2017 - Out Of The Dark

Nominee - Hollywood Songwriting Competition (2016) - Out of the Dark

Finalist - Hollywood songwriting contest (2015) - Ghost of You

Photographer: Maya Hunter-McMartin Makeup: Kelly Newman

Photographer: Maya Hunter-McMartin Makeup: Kelly Newman