No doubt Chris Kelly & Nicole Gibson have a prosperous career ahead of them both, with their attention to detail transforming the insignificant into the extraordinary. But it is their authenticity and emotional resonance in their music, that will make them stars.”

The Soundshark

The pair is lively and impassioned, beaming with strong harmonies as they sing about chasing dreams, and capturing those once-in-a-lifetime sentiments. Folk pop at its finest, there is much to adore with the track. ”

Chloe The Permanent Rain Press

I found their music and was utterly charmed.”

Shari Ulrich

They sound like a band that could be heard on your average alternative radio station. And if they keep moving forward at the pace that they have been since 2016, they soon may be”

Alyssa Laube The Runner Newspaper

We write whenever we feel inspired by a certain event, someone, emotion or just life in general, whatever triggers a song. And I think with Out of the Dark each song really emotes that. But we are excited to move into the next chapter with a more steady recording situation for our next EP!”

Canadian Beats Interview

The cheerful message and inspiring context blend wonderfully together, it feels as though Chris and Nicole have struck gold.”

Will Wilkins from WaveByte

Their passion behind their various content and their exploration of finding what works best for them is what makes Chris Kelly and Nicole Gibson the perfect team. With the release of Out of the Dark coming soon, their gear up to the release is DIY perfection.”

Black is the new AP

Chris and Nicole are onto something; this is the type of alternative-techno that is ripe for the industry. Out of the Dark is fresh and pleasing, but does leave us wanting more. In a world full of alternative music akin to Halsey, Melanie Martinez, and Troye Sivan, it becomes uplifting to receive a submission which entails a piece of music that is by relatively unknown artists. ”

Will Wilkins from WaveByte

Ghost of You has hard hitting bass lines, and that steady kick/synth combination that really fuels the chorus. The duo scene is coming back, and these two are doing a pretty great job of making their way to the front lines of Montreal’s pop rock scene with this release. ”


If you’re a fan of Imagine Dragons, Linkin Park and other rock-come-electronic amalgamations, this Canadian duo are one to add to your playlist. Out of the Dark has potential to lead into other dark and stormy tracks, Chris Kelly and Nicole Gibson are worth watching to see where they take their sound.”

Sophie from Never Heard of It

Chris Kelly & Nicole Gibson a dark pop duo from Montreal are inspired by finding the thing that lights you up inside and chasing it. Their use of two vocals interweaving with each other creates a powerful and unique sound set out to inspire other to chase their dreams.”

Hype Magazine

Montreal, Canada is home to Chris Kelly and Nicole Gibson, a fantastic dark pop twosome who released their new song "Out of the Dark" on May 4th, 2017... This is a very new project but it's promising, to say the least. ”

Puregrain Audio

The two singers truly found their niche once they joined together, and have been enjoying success because of it. It’s a story that just goes to show sometimes you have to start all over to find what you’re meant for”

Crown All Queens