We went on MTV and met Mike Shinoda from Linkin Park for MTV's 'Critique my Cover'!
Check out the full video below:

If one voice is good then two voices are great – especially when those voices are the Canadian duo Kelly & Gibson. ”

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#2 on Canadian Beats Under the Radar Picks for September


Winner of d0250 Cumberland Wild Festival contest 2018

You can not deny that Kelly & Gibson have made real art again, Why Do We Love Like This has all the elements of a modern gem”

Le Future Wave

The duo scene is coming back, and these two are doing a pretty great job of making their way to the front lines.”


It may be a pop song, but “Why Do We Love Like This” is so satisfyingly light and airy, with harmonious vocals throughout. A song that you can dance to, but has so much buried beneath the surface.”

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